My Son and his IEP


The transition to my son’s new elementary school has not been smooth.  He started school without his IEP in place.  We were told that services he had been receiving and entitled to in Illinois, until the age of nine, end here in Michigan at the age of seven.  He’s eight.  Eight and extremely lost and confused in the third week of going to school.

Today he was asking to stay home.  If you knew him you would know this is a highly unusual request from him.  This is a child that would become upset if I made him stay home from school because he was sick.  Sure, he has days when he’d rather have a mental health day and I’m okay with that because I know everyone needs a break, even children, even from school – not after being in school for only three weeks though.

Perhaps we were just extremely lucky to have had such an awesome group of teachers, therapists and support staff at the elementary school in Illinois that ensured he had a very well laid out IEP.  It makes me cringe that I have to even advocate for the same services at this school in Michigan.  I’m angry.  I want to do what is right and best for him.  I’m also so very tired of having to pull up my sleeves and start all over again.  It’s maddening.  I know that he’s not gaining much from school at the moment.  He comes home, is very short with everyone, and wants to veg out – a big, red flag indicating that he’s not coping at school.

He needs and deserves so much more than what this school can offer him in services.  I guess it’s time to look for resources outside of the school. I’m not sure where to even look… I know that normally working from home is so much better for being able to be there for your children.  Unfortunately, this job has a lot of phone work and I feel like I’m always hushing him, closing the door, pushing him away when he needs me most – I need to find a balance and I’m falling flat on my face.

I feel like everyone is at the end of their patience level for this whole situation.  His tender heart is being crushed by it – I see it in his withdrawal, his snapping at family, and increased stimming and problems with auditory processing.  I see us moving backwards instead of forward and it’s disheartening.  I’m going to bring this all up at his IEP meeting this Friday.  I’m not sure I have the energy to fight for what he needs – I need to find the mental strength to deal with this system.

Keep us in your thoughts on Friday.  We need a positive outcome.


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