Spectrum 2014: Visual Journaling Workshop

I started a new online art journaling workshop on March 1, 2014 called Spectrum.  It’s a collective of artists brought together by the very lovely and wise Hali Karla of Hali Karla Arts.  I’m looking forward to learning much more about myself and exploring what the following mean to me:

  1. Opening
  2. Pulse
  3. Inspire
  4. Desire
  5. Activate
  6. Nourish
  7. Release
  8. Innervate
  9. Sense
  10. Flow
  11. Closing

I started my journal cover last night using a collage of magazine clippings and Mod Podge.  I’m reusing a contractors blue book that was outdated and headed for recycling anyway.  It will take a bit of work to make it a useful journal since the pages are thin and will need to be Mod Podged together and gessoed before I can use them.

2014-03-01 19.12.42

I’m finishing my journal cover using acrylics and a metallic sharpie.  I may add more to it later if I feel called to do so.

2014-03-02 01.10.29

Now it’s time to work on the word “Open” and start the inside of my journal.


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