Focusing More on What’s Good

I was told this morning that I’m never nice, I’m always angry, I’m never happy.  It was a good punch in the stomach for sure.  I suffer from untreated depression (I have an issue with medicating) so that assessment is true and I’m probably all three at any given time of the day.  Still didn’t make it hurt any less, knowing this about myself, especially when it is coming from the mouth of my soul-mate.  I can only imagine that he’s tired, frustrated, and at his wits end living with someone that suffers from depression.  Guess what?  I am too.

Today I decided to focus on little projects to show myself and, if he’s interest, my soul-mate that even in this crazy roller coaster life together there are still happy moments, still many things I’m grateful for, still times when light does shine through – they sometimes feel tiny and few to us. I believe it is our nature to focus on the negative, most likely they are much bigger and occur much more than we think.  And serendipitously I happened to be reading a blog post by Cynthia Lee at Spirit Uncaged and she was sharing a format of blogging a post each Friday reflecting a bit on what she has been doing.  A bit of a retrospective of her week.  I like the format so I’ll be joining her and The Scattered Life Collective.


I’m also starting #100happydays and posting on Instagram.  If you’re interested you can follow me there.  It’s a challenge to see if I can be happy for 100 days in a row.  I believe I can!  I start Saturday, March 15.

2014-03-07 12.05.59-2

My youngest loves to tell silly jokes and take selfies. I obliged. ❤

This weeks reflections (in the future these will be in a separate post) –

Current time:  1:39 p.m.

Nourishing:  crumpets with local produced honey from SE Michigan.  I had originally purchased it at the Springfield Township farmers market the last time we visited my folks last year.  My mom hung on to it until she could hand deliver it to me when we vacationed together on the Gulf Coast in Englewood, Florida this past December.  It ended up crystallizing, but it tastes even more fantastic – makes a lovely spread that way.

Outside:  it was really gorgeous outside the last few days, so the snow had a chance to finally melt here in Minnesota.  The sidewalks are finally visible and I believe I’m going to start walking during the morning before the office of our business opens at 9 a.m.

Reading:  still plugging along on Cloud Atlas: A Novel by David Mitchell.  I’m struggling to get through it and find myself re-reading many pages before I understand what is going on.  I’m determined to get through it since I enjoyed the movie adaptation so much.  A book that I’m really enjoying is Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley.  It’s lovely and filled with great advise on and techniques for intuitively painting with acrylics.  I can tell I’ll be coming back to it often.  I have an art crush on Flora.  Take a look at her site Brave * Intuitive * Living and you’ll know why.

Listening:  this artist is new to me.  Mari Boine a Sami musician/singer from Norway.  In the song below I believe she is singing about the Spirit and letting if fly free.  Enjoying her work.

Watching:  Eat Your Kimchi – love following Martina & Simon.  They are Canadians living in Korea.  They post videos about their interests in music, food, and their Korean life.  It’s purely for fun and it’s a bit like living vicariously through them.  I don’t recommend it for children.

Smiling:  sweet, spontaneous hugs & kisses from my youngest – just because ❤ | the lovely, fresh warmth of a quilt straight from the dryer | singing along to random songs popping up on my iTunes | art journaling again

Finding:  Eldad Hagar and the good work he does through Hope for Paws.  |  You can have your child (grade K – 12) submit a Doodle to Google  |  Freelancers Union  |  3.14 Day  |  Mad Libs online


3 thoughts on “Focusing More on What’s Good

  1. lunardaughter says:

    I’m so glad you’ve decided to play in the Scattered Life Collective Dawn – and what a wonderful sharing. I’m sorry to learn of your struggle with depression and the hard of this morning’s comment. But kudos to you for deciding to focus little projects and identifying the happy moments. I’m going to be playing in the 100 Days project myself – although I have to think some more about how I want to do it since I don’t participate that much in social media. But in any case here’s to 100 happy days for all of us! Mari Boine Persen’s music is amazing – so glad to have her on my radar now.

  2. Cynthia Lee says:

    oh hey! Welcome to the collective and I love the tweaks you made … individuality rocks!

    crumpets … that just makes me smile …
    and speaking of smiling, Yay for the 100 days happy challenge. I begin on Monday. (sort of glad as I have had a migraine today … but still found happiness, just didn’t want to take a photo)

    You are the second person to mention Flora Bowley’s book … I think I must take a peek at that.

    Hope you will continue to join us.

  3. Amy Putkonen says:

    Hi Dawn,

    So much to comment on here. I found your site through the Scattered Life Collective and very glad I did. I am listening to Mari Boine as we speak and I love it! Thanks for that! Good luck with your happiness gig. Sometimes we have to fake it til we make it, right?

    This music reminds me of Gabriel Roth. If you haven’t heard her stuff, check it out. Would love to see more of your writing. It’s great.

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