Moving over to Tumblr

It’s obvious to me that I’m not a written word type of gal.  I want to blog to stay connected with folks and my intention has always been to do so here on a regular basis.  Yet I’m always stressed about it – that’s just not fun.  I’m much more visual and casual about blogging.  I’m finding it much easier to just put up quick photos of things I like through Instagram, things I’m working on or thinking about, moments I want to capture in my life, and that I like to share with all of you.  These things are so much easier to share over on – so if you want to stay in touch or just take a visual peak at what is swimming around in my head space, art space, or life space you can pop on over to Seeking {Sense} Art Journeys.  You are most welcome to join me there. Thank you ❤

Houses on Stilts

Little mixed media exercise from Danielle Donaldson – Creative Girl: The Land of Light and Shadows workshop.


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